Safe2go.org is no longer available. The code of the website is available on github.

Safe2go.org is the result of a citizens' initiative. It was a responsive website that aimed to make the progression of coronavirus visible among school communities, and the wider population. Its objective: to give as much visibility as possible parents, teachers and staff in these schools, so that they can react and make appropriate decisions, and keep themselves and their communities safe. How is this done? By offering parents, teachers and staff in these schools the possibility to regularly share their current state of health and symptoms on the site. Even people without symptoms are invited to communicate this on the platform. Data collected, which is completely anonymous, will be accessible to all other participants in their community and to the general public in order to give them visibility on latest developments of the situation. This data is also accessible to decision-makers schools, as well as decision-makers at local, regional and national levels in order for them to rapidly assess the impact of the measures taken and possibly adapt them, as well as anticipate the impact of these developments on the means implemented, detect new epicentres of contamination, etc.

The initiators of the project - Aymeric de Hemptinne, Geoffroy Bauer, Farhad Riahi, Renaud de Hemptinne, Kevin Françoisse and François Beuvens – combine expertise from the medical, scientific, big data, tech and entrepreneurial sectors. A large coalition has become very quickly and intensely involved in the project, and worked under great time pressure. In particular, our thanks and gratitude to: the Sagacify team led by Kevin and François, including, in particular, Marine Bonhomme, Olivier Cuypers, Quentin Gusbin, Emanuel Peroni and Nicolas Vrielynck, who have worked tirelessly on the website’s development. Denis Dubrulle, Thomas Danthine, Yana Huygens and the entire Federate agency team; as well as Olivier De Decker, Roberto Salvador and Olivier Ponteville of Be-Connect. And also Nicolas de Crombrugghe and Peter Craddock from NautaDutilh; Rahim Samii, Framboise Boël and Eric Pascal Rwamucyo from UrbanLaw; Jean-Léopold Schuybroek, Florence Muls and her team from the communication agency Interel; Xavier Rouby from Opal Solutions; Jacques van Rijckevorsel; and Axel Legay, Professor of cyber security at UCLouvain, who validated the security of the site and the respect of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). And to other people who have supported us from the start but have asked to remain anonymous, they will recognize themselves in this thank you note.

A not-for-profit organisation - named Covid19STOP - has been created to manage this project, and aims also more broadly at finding other short-term, easy-to-implement solutions in the fight the Covid-19 pandemic. Together with Prof. Jean Luc Gala from UCL, the not-for-profit organisation is also the initiator of another project: opensourceagainstcovid19.org.

Safe2go.org has received funding from EOSC (European Open Science Cloud - www.eoscsecretariat.eu), as part of their « COVID19 Fast Track Funding » program.